Community Healthcare Advocacy Team for Individuals with Disabilities

Because everyone should have equal access and proper care for their health

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CHATID is committed to advocating for improving the quality of health care for all individuals with disabilities which includes but is not limited to: expanding the accessibility of health care, effectively coordinating and making health care workers aware of community-based resources, and improving the efficacy of the medical staff to communicate with and care for all individuals with disabilities.


For Healthcare Workers

CHATID provides resources for physicians and other healthcare workers to aid them in improving their care for individuals with disabilities. Some of these resources include disability etiquette tips, resource sheets for physicians to have in their office, special disability training for healthcare teams, etc.


For Our Patients with Disabilities

CHATID recognizes the barriers that exist in healthcare for individuals with disabilities, and we think it is especially important for you to know your rights in all types of healthcare settings. We provide a simplified way to understand what the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is and how it helps you, as well as resources that can assist you in receiving the services and care you deserve!

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