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Pennsylvania Resources for Patients with Disabilities and Their Families

These state organizations provide services throughout Pennsylvania. Contact them for information related to services in your county or community.

The Arc of Pennsylvania: 1-800-692-7258
The  Arc of Pennsylvania has local chapters throughout the state that  provide resources and advocacy services for children and adults with  intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Centers for Independent Living: 717-920-0530
Centers  for Independent Living (CILs) offer a variety of services over and  above their four core services of information and referral; peer  mentoring; individual and grassroots advocacy; and independent living  skills training. The 18 CILs throughout Pennsylvania are governed, managed and staffed by a majority of persons with disabilities.

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania: 1-888-727-2706
Parent  to Parent of Pennsylvania is a statewide organization that links  parents and family members of children and adults with disabilities on a  one-to-one basis according to conditions or concerns. Parent to Parent  has more than 1,200 volunteer peer supporters throughout the state.

PA Elks Home Service Program: 814-781-7860
The PA Elks Home Service Program  provides support and advocacy services to individuals of any age  throughout the state who have a developmental disability, including  in-home visits provided by a nurse or social worker to help families  navigate and connect to services.

The Special Kids Network: 1-800-986-4550
The Special Kids Network (SKN), in partnership with the PA Elks Home Service Program, helps children and youth with special health care needs and  disabilities get the services and support they require in order to  thrive in their community and develop to their full potential.

Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology: 1-800-204-7428
Pennsylvania's  Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) strives to enhance the lives  and independence of all Pennsylvanians with disabilities, older citizens  and their families, through access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services.

Adult Protection Services (APS): 717-736-7116

In 2010, the APS Act was implemented to provide for the protection of abused, neglected, exploited or abandoned adults. The APS Act protects residents of this Commonwealth between 18 and 59 years of age who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  Reporting requirements are such that and administrator or employee who has reasonable cause to suspect that a recipient is a victim of abuse , neglect, exploitation or abandonment will immediately make an oral report to the statewide Protections Services Hotline by calling 1-800-490-8505. Please note that this hotline should be for reporting abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment only.  Any questions should be emailed to:

Everyday Lives: Value in Action: 1-844-723-6459

 Everyday Lives is rooted in the concept of self-determination, promotes the belief that, with the support of family and friends, people with disabilities can and should decide how to live their lives. The foundation of Everyday Lives: Values in Action is two (2) statements: 1)We value what is important to people with disabilities and their families, who are striving for an everyday life and 2)People with disabilities have a right to an everyday life; a life that is no different than that of all other citizens. 

TREHAB: 1-800-982-4045

The Trehab Community Action Agency is  committed to act as both a service provider and an advocate for the  poor, unemployed, and underemployed, the elderly, and other groups at  risk. The agency is committed to serving the community as a catalyst for  asset building and by helping to increase access to capital.

PSA Healthcare: 855-276-6611 (Local: 570-319-2053)

PSA Healthcare cares for medically fragile patients in 16 states through  our rapidly growing network of 78 branch offices. Recently, as a result  of overwhelming demand for the quality of care we consistently give,  PSA has also been providing more and more adult home care services.  Utilizing a family-centered approach, PSA Healthcare nurses work closely  with the families to build confidence, and create and implement the  right care plan that supports family involvement. Our care is designed  to improve quality of life and foster independence, offering dignity,  hope, and respect to each family and patient we serve. 


United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of NEPA: 570-347-3357

UCP of Northeastern Pennsylvania provides opportunities  and resources to individuals with disabilities as they build and lead their lives in the community. They do this by providing advocacy, home and  community supports, and education. They provide a range of services that includes Adult Day Services, an Early Intervention Program, Lekotek and Compuplay, Assistive Technology, and various home and residential services.

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Inc.: 877-384-1729

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc. (KFS) is a privately owned, Medicaid-approved agency, and they support people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health Challenges and Mental Health Needs with in-home and in-community programs designed to provide independence, growth and social connections. 

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