How Can CHATID Benefit You?

Education, Tips, and More

As a physician, nurse, practitioner, or any other medical staff worker, we see many advances throughout medicine, and healthcare in general. One of these great changes is that we are seeing patients live longer lives. However, this has brought some challenges along with it! Many more individuals with disabilities require unique treatment, not only for their disability, but for everyday diseases and illnesses as well. Also due to the fact that individuals with disabilities are living longer, we are seeing a huge shift in diseases being carried into adulthood.

What this all means is that we as healthcare providers, need to understand that patients with disabilities may require a different type of approach or care in order to ensure the same standard of care is provided to them as all other patients. CHATID recognizes that not all healthcare providers are going to be well equipped to treat every disability that a patient can have, but we can at least be as prepared as possible. CHATID believes that by raising awareness and educating healthcare workers on the alternative needs that patients with disabilities require, we can ensure they receive the same high quality of care that you can provide to all of your other patients. Some of the ways we hope to do this is through educational videos, pamphlets or small sheets of information, or recommending certain educational programs that may enhance your understanding of the challenges patients with disabilities go through.

Some of the simple things you can do on your own include being up-to-date with ADA standards and protocol, as well as being respectful and open with each patient, regardless of their disability. 

CHATID Pamphlet For Physicians and Other Health Care Staff