About Us

What is CHATID?

CHATID is a Community Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH) which is designed to promote health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic or healthcare institutions. CHATID's specific aim is directed at health equity for individuals with disabilities. CHATID is a similar model to the Medical Home Project (MHP), founded by Dr. Sweety Jain in the Lehigh Valley Health Network. 

Our Mission

 CHATID is committed to advocating for improving the quality of health care for all individuals with disabilities which includes but is not limited to: expanding the accessibility of health care, effectively coordinating and making health care workers aware of the community-based resources, and improving the efficacy of the medical staff to communicate with and care for all individuals with disabilities.

Vision and Purpose

The purposes of the CHATID are to serve as: an advocate for those who rely on the services and medical care of the community but may be unable advocate for themselves to ensure equitable healthcare, an information and resource center for both healthcare workers and individuals with disabilities, and an advocate for all aspects of individuals with disabilities’ lives.

CHATID pursues its mission to envision that all persons involved in health care for individuals with disabilities will be educated on ways to provide care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, patient-centered, coordinated, compassionate and culturally competent. The desired outcome would be for individuals with disabilities to receive the same high standard of care and quality treatment as “able-bodied” individuals.


The World Health Organization (WHO) states that individuals with disabilities exist as "a vulnerable population that is in clear need of better treatment and care." In northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA), multiple health needs assessments have identified improving healthcare for individuals with disabilities as a top priority. This can be accomplished through various mechanisms: raising awareness about the specific needs of individuals with disabilities, educating all healthcare workers, and combining resources within the community that are specifically designed to assist those who have a disability with their healthcare team. CHATID is committed to help implement this multi-faceted approach to achieve its goal of improving healthcare for individuals of all abilities.